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When I started at Karma CrossFit, I thought I’d do it just for a few months to lose the baby weight. Four years later, I’m still here because the results were so amazing. I never thought I’d be able to squat my body weight, do unassisted pull-ups, and rep out push-ups. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in. Plus, this is the greatest CrossFit community. Everyone is so supportive of each other – people stick around and cheer you on even after they’ve finished their work. It’s not uber-competitive like some CrossFit gyms, which can be really intimidating. Just a good, friendly, and supportive atmosphere.
Renee M.

I’ve been with Karma CF for over a year now and have never looked back. What sets Karma CF apart is their knowledge and dedication. The coaches are true motivators/teachers. They are always learning the most effective way/techniques to help you evolve as an athlete. They share their opinions and listen to your concerns to help you achieve your goals. It’s the sincere approach of helping everyone in our community that makes a difference. Karma CF isn’t just any other CF box; I consider them my 2nd family. Here, I feel like a better person inside and out, and that is priceless! The encouragement I get is what challenges me to do better, or set a new record, or simply add another rep. I’m barely 5 feet tall; who would have thought at 95 lbs. I could deadlift 215 lbs! I never imagined that in my whole life;­ it’s amazing what a little encouragement can do for you! So, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! This family is amazing. Love you guys!

-Theresa M.

Karma (and especially the people there) turned my direction around. I definitely felt myself fading into an unhealthy middle age, with great intentions but no real idea how to reverse the slide. I had long wanted to try CrossFit, but I was wary that it would be meat-headed and authoritarian, and maybe some boxes are that way, but Katy and Will and Nicole and Renee are all awesome Warrior-Poets and each inspires me to push my limits (or at least to survive the really tough WODs).

I had ideas about what CrossFit was, many wrongheaded, and I am grateful to all the Warrior-Poets for their patience in not just teaching me the right movements (extremely important and not to be a minimized part of Karma) but also the right mindset. The results so far are great motivation and give me momentum to keep setting more goals.

Even though I’m a 6 am weirdo that hardly anyone ever sees, I feel like a real member of a tight-knit community of awesome Karminions, and I hugely appreciate the many opportunities Karma gives its members to positively affect the community.

Karma is a whole life thing, not just paying somebody to make you work out, and it’s outstanding. Six months ago I was drifting, but by the time Katy declared 2014 to be the “Year of Blake” last December, I believed her completely.

-Blake F.

I am back at CrossFit pretty regularly now, and while I love the new box and the people there it dawned at me last night that I am yet to come across coaches as good as you and Katy. Your style of coaching, compared to what I’ve observed at my current box and a few others, is so much more proactive and engaged, and for me, a million times more helpful. Your coaching/programming/nutrition advice was also really informative. I need to get back there.
-Joe. K., former member who moved out of town


So 44 guys and I do this sports camp every year. We rent out a kids summer camp, divide into 4 teams, and play 15 sports throughout the weekend. The whole series of sports everyone must play, and it is for the normal duration of the game. So for example, we would play two 20 min halves of basketball, then take a quick break, then four 12 minute quarters of football, then a break then three games of sand volleyball. And that was Sunday morning. It is intense. I have been doing CrossFit for the last six months and “Hell Yes!”, is all I can say. I had my best camp in the 7 years I have been going. I literally was stronger, faster and jumped higher. And Will, I didn’t get tired. People were dying in the heat and I just kept running right by them. At least 10 guys told me it was the best shape they had ever seen me in. We brought the champions cup home in a epic overtime shootout in soccer. Champions! It tastes sweet. Thanks for pushing me in the gym. No question it works. I have the championship hardware to prove it.
Matt P.

Exactly two months ago (December 3rd, 2010) I walked in to Karma CrossFit for my first time. I was a size 36″ waist, weighed 206 pounds, and was nearly 23% body fat. I was greeted by a very fit, friendly, and energetic guy named Will. He introduced me to the concepts behind CrossFit and guided me though an initial fitness assessment (that whooped my butt). During this workout, the Karma Family, whom I had never met before, cheered me on and encouraged me push myself through. Despite the fact that I was on the verge of losing my breakfast, this experience sold me on joining Karma.

It was only a matter of time before I became addicted. I became addicted to the intensity, the camaraderie, the motivation and experience provided by Will and Katy, and most of all, THE RESULTS! In two months time I’ve lost 21 pounds, 7% body fat, and two inches off of my waist. I am only half way to my goal, but I couldn’t have gotten this far with out Will, Katy and the Karma Family. Karma CrossFit ROCKS!

5’10″, 206lbs, 36″ waist, 23% body fat


5’10″, 185lbs, 34″ waist, 16% body fat

5’10″, 170lbs, 31″ waist, 12% body fat
Mark S.

Will, I wanted to again thank you for letting me get a WOD in at your box a few weeks ago. I have been to 8 different Box’s across the country now. While they all have been great in their own way, I really appreciated the way you guys let me in with open arms. I consider myself to be in above average crossfit shape and I have lots of experience in the Crossfit world, and your box gave me one hell of a ride. The gymnastics warm up was amazing and the WOD was very challenging too (20-15-10-15, Thursters (95lbs) toe-2-bar). I would definitely recommend your box to anyone looking for a quick pop in visit while out in the Manhattan Beach area. If you or any of your members are ever in Chicago, look up Crossfit Chicago, we would love to have you come in for a day.
Peter Brasovan.

Words can’t describe how great you guys are! Thank you for everything.
I have been crossfitting for about two years now. But it wasn’t until I joined Karma Crossfit that I knew what Crossfit was really about. It’s not just about getting a good workout, but having the drive and passion to push yourself to the limit and even beyond. I have seen huge changes in where I was at physically since my short time at Karma CF. The trainers, Will and Katy are amazing coaches who are willing to give you everything they have to see you improve. Not only is Karma Crossfit a nice facility, but the other members are great people who want to see you succeed as well. When I first started Crossfit, I would look up the workout and often I wouldn’t go to class because I was scared. Since I have been with Karma I look up the workouts and I’m excited to go to class and do the workout! Thank you Karma CrossFit for being such a great place to workout!


I started training with Katy about 3 months before my July 2009 wedding. Back then, I had never heard of Crossfit or Paleo anything. All I knew was that what she had me doing was working and I was never bored and I needed to fit into my wedding dress. I’ve had a very eventful year, both good and bad, and Crossfit is the only thing that stayed constant. I always know I have a place to come to where I can workout with my friends and talk and sweat it out, whatever it is that may be bothering me, by the end of the WOD, I feel so much better. We have an amazing group of people that come to Karma Crossfit. We’re like family. No one is ever intimidating. Everyone encourages each other to give it our best and finish the WOD, even when they’re out of breath themselves. Katy and Will, our trainers, are knowledgeable and experienced. They say things like, “the word ‘can’t’ is not in your vocabulary” that helps build our confidence and helps us to do things we would never imagine doing, like handstand pushups or skin-the-cats or box jumps or pushing a car. You never have to worry about not being able to do this or that at Karma Crossfit because everything is scalable to your ability and no one will ever make you feel bad about that. They just want you to show up and try. Katy and Will are extremely passionate about seeing their members succeed and build strength and confidence. They are always there to answer questions, offer nutrition info, or just listen. I drank the kool-aid and it’s changed my life. And by the way, I fit into my wedding dress and looked and felt fabulous that day! Katy and Will were there, ask them.


My Testament to Karma CrossFit
Let me start of by saying I’m not the average gym user or CrossFit user. I’m an eleven year veteran personal trainer. A Level II RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) Certified Instructor and run my own kettlebell group (very similar to CrossFit….just Kettlebells) up in Santa Clarita, CA. After just a couple visits to Karma CF I’m hooked! My close personal friend Will Jeffries and his girlfriend Katy Rickman are a Dynamic Duo. They are super hero’s in our modern world of depraved eating and non-movement with their teachings of a Paleo way…….and of course top notch coaching of movement and fitness. At Karma CF I’ve found what I’ve fallen in love with in my own groups that I work with…..community. People coming together with one common goal….CHANGE. That is what I’ve got and why I drive 45 minutes each way on one of only two actual full days off in my month. Thank you Will and Katy….really all the folks down at Karma CF, you all INSPIRE me. Come get your CrossFit on at Karma!


I have been overweight my whole life. As a nurse and role model for those in my community, I decided that it was time to get in shape and take control of my health. I have dieted several times, but never had a desire to workout on a consistent basis. A friend of mine brought me to Karma Crossfit, where I did the hardest workout of my life. I was so sore the next day and wasn’t sure I would ever go there again! It was so challenging, yet I knew that it would produce results. I have been going to classes regularly since January and believe it has changed my life. From gymnastics, to Olympic weight lifting, we do a variety of things that transform your whole body. I can see my body fat turning into muscle and my feminine shape becoming more defined. I am losing weight in places that I have always had a problem losing weight in, like my arms and back. I have received so many compliments from people at work, who say things like “you are losing weight in all the right places” and “I can see your hourglass shape.” The Crossfit community is great, because we encourage each other to eat right and workout on a regular basis. If people tell you that you will never be lean or flexible because of a genetic predisposition or that you will never be strong because you are a woman, tell them they are misinformed. You can accomplish all things with hard work, dedication, and encouragement from others. In the past three months, I’ve lost twenty pounds and did the first handstand I’ve ever done in my adult life. One day people are going to walk by me and turn their heads in awe at my smoking hot body. When that happens, I’ll have Karma Crossfit to thank.

At 36 years old I have tried many exercise regimens all of which provided
only marginal or short term results. In only 3 months at Karma Crossfit
coupled with their recommended Paleo Diet I have experienced tremendous
results. For example:
- x 4 increase in swimming strength/capacity: went from 1/8 mile
freestyle swim capacity to ½ mile (+)
- 8lbs weight loss over 5 weeks (Paleo Diet): This has been the nagging
10-12 lbs I could never shed regardless of what diet or exercise routine I
- Increased strength, flexibility, and energy
Everything I thought I knew about fitness and diet Katy and Will have turned
on its ear.


Before coming to Karma CF I was not in great shape. I played adult league hockey on the weekends, took the occasional jog, and would occasionally hit the gym. I’d never worked out in any organized setting and was the type of guy who’d rather go it alone. I tried P90X and managed to get in shape for my wedding in September of 2008. But as of October 31, 2009, when I walked in for my baseline workout, I’d put on all of the weight and then some. Saying I was in average shape, despite the occasional workouts I put in, would be generous. In addition to having friends who’d seen incredible results at other boxes in the Bay Area, what got me right away about Karma CF was Will’s energy, approach, and no B.S. approach when I walked in that first day. What also got me were numbers. I’m a numbers guy and I tend to respond and push myself harder when I can chart my path with numbers. With a baseline time of 6:36, I was happy to just finish without puking,
but I was also psyched about the idea of improving. Sure enough, after 6 weeks I knocked 1:30 off of my baseline time. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to set personal records, which we all do. As for weight, people started noticing a change in my body after 4 weeks (note – my before pictures weren’t taken until after I’d already been working out for 2 months, and I’d already seen huge improvement by then). All told I’m down 20 pounds since I’ve started. So, the numbers don’t lie. Put in the work, show up, make eventual changes to your diet (which I didn’t do until the paleo challenge) and improvement is guaranteed. What separates Karma CF is not the fact that you’ll get in shape, because you will. What separates Karma CF from the rest is the people. Will and Katy are awesome. While at times I question why they punish us with crazy WOD’s, they’re great at encouraging us to find the strength to get it done, and helping us with our form. The
people at the classes are great too. I am constantly inspired by the performances I see in the gym. When I see Mary Jo, Christine, or Maria, or Mike or Mark, or Julien, Fernando, or Nino, or anyone else at Karma CF leave it all in the gym, it pushes me. And in that I’ve learned a little bit about myself. I’ve learned that I can complete Murph without dying. I’ve learned to look forward to Fran. I’ve learned that I can do more pull ups, push ups or squats now than any other time in my life. I’ve learned that at 33 I’m in the best shape of my life. Thank you Will and Katy.


My name is MaryJo. I am a 52 year old lady who has battled her weight since I was five. After a lifelong struggle with weight and a negative body image I have finally met someone who is able to help me. Will Jefferies is a personal trainer like no other. A philosophy major who at times, seems like he is a conduit from a higher spiritual source. It is as if he has the ability to reach into my inner sense of being and find the inner truth as to why I chose to keep this weight on my body. Throughout the workouts Will would provide the mental tools and the courage to assist me in letting go of this weight. Because of these workouts with Will, friends and family are noticing not only my physical transformation but also the mental change as I attain inner spiritual growth. A missing KEY ingredient that is necessary for a person to overcome a negative body image. The first workout session with Will was not easy as I found it difficult to move. I have a foot injury, a knee injury, and struggle with lower back pain. I really gave Will a difficult time and kept explaining why I could not do this or that movement; yet Will hung in there with me and we got through the first workout. I walked out of the session feeling shocked at the sense of accomplishment I felt. That was over a year ago. Will and his girlfriend Katy have opened their own gym called ‘Karma Cross Fit’. I can not believe some of the workouts I participate in. No matter what level of athletic ability you’re at, Will and Katy will program a workout that suits your physical needs. It feels magical to feel this strong. I have a long way to go, but because of their help I have come far and I want to keep on going. Also, Will and Katy will work with you on your food intake. I was shocked to discover that I was not taking in enough calories so my body was storing everything I fed it as if I was starving. Will explained it to me in math terms….my body was in constant deficit mode. Now that I am partaking in Katy’s Karmic Cooking, I am losing weight weekly AND this is the most food I have eaten on a daily basis in over 20 years. I am in smaller sizes and will continue to reduce until I reach my natural physical frame…a frame I have not seen for over 20 years. With Will and Katy’s help, I know and trust that I will be successful this time.


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